Kia celebrates 100,000th cee’d

Over the last 28 months, Kia has manufactured 100,000 of its cee’d model.

According to the firm, this represents 100 cars made per employer each year at the Zilina plant, using some of the world’s most advanced technology to produce units at a rate of one car every minute.

Quality has not been skimped on by the firm, with 310 robots ensuring consistency and Kia offering an unprecedented seven-year warranty on all the cars produced at the site.

But this is not all that the Slovakian factory offers, as it is also environmentally conscious.

"Instead of requiring a separate heating source it uses steam from the existing plant, allowing that plant to operate more efficiently and so reducing emissions and energy consumption," the company commented.

South Korean automaker Kia is a subsidiary of Hyundai Kia Automotive group based in Seoul and established in 1944.


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