Lubricant re-launched to help protect classic used car engines

Comma has re-launched its range of lubricants designed to help classic used car owners keep the engines of their motors in the best condition possible.

The importance of using a tailored lubricant to care for classic used car engines is highlighted by the fact that modern synthetic lubricants are often not thick enough, while the substances added to them can also damage the leather, cork and felt found in the head gaskets of some older cars.

What’s more, contemporary oil has been found to cleanse an engine of the deposits which help boost older used car performance.

As a result, Comma has produced a range of oils in order to cater for the older car market, such as classic used Aston Martin and classic used Jaguar variants.

This range includes Classic 30, Classic 40 and Classic 20w50 oils, with the Classic 30 being particularly suited to winter driving, the Classic 40 targeted at the summer market and the Classic 20w50 catering for all-year-round performance.

It was recently announced that Aston Martin will be going for the outright Le Mans win this year to mark the 50th anniversary of the marque’s last success in the category.


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