Citroen DS3 Cabrio First Look

Citroen will launch its new Citroen DS3 Cabrio at the Paris Motor Show which takes place between September 29th and October 14th.

The DS3 Cabrio is the same size as the French company’s DS3 supermini, swapping a traditional roof for the concertina-ed affair. Okay, so it’s not a cabriolet in the truest sense of the word but it can have the wind billowing through your hair at speeds up to 74mph.

The DS3 Cabrio is only 25khgheavier than the hard-top version. The electrically operated opening and closing system takes just 16 seconds to operate – there’s also an air deflector to ensure those expensive haircuts don’t get wind tunnel treatment. The roof is available in three designs and seven different body colours – mirror housings and alloy wheels are equally customisable.

There’s first-in-class seating for five adults and 245 litre boot, according to Citroen the largest in the sector.

Daytime LED running lights are standard, while the rear of the vehicle is to include a new three-dimensional 31-LED light signature. Internally, there’s white LED ambient lighting on the ceiling-mounted console. The dashboard can be customised in six different colours while the stick and vents are matched up with the DS3’s exterior.

There are no prices available at time of writing but what is known is that Citroen will produce a congestion-charge busting 99g/km CO2 version.

So everyone can keep their hair on.


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