For Sale: NEVER used Ford

A ‘brand new’ GL-badged Ford Cortina, built 30 years ago but never driven, has less than 40 miles on the clock and is being put up for sale by owner Frank Sheach.

47-year-old car enthusiast Sheach bought the car seven years ago and has decided to sell up, a move that is expected to prompt a bidding frenzy from Ford collectors.

Sheach, a member of the Tayside Classic Car Club, confirmed: “I don’t think there will be another one in this condition. There’s only delivery mileage on the clock and it’s brand new. Initially, I bought it to drive it. I had already done up another Cortina as a hobby and I have always liked them. They were the type of cars I worked on when I did my engineering apprenticeship so I always had a soft spot for them.”

The 2.0L, four-speed petrol edition was one of the last Mk Vs to leave Ford’s Dagenham plant in 1981 before the new Sierra model took over.

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