Family activity sheet for car journeys

Introducing our downloadable family activity sheet for car journeys…

While we still love the timeless classic I spy, sometimes the kids need something slightly more challenging to get their minds active during family car journeys. At AA Cars, we’ve developed four new games to provide educational and enjoyable entertainment for family car journeys.

To download, just click or tap on either of the boxes below:

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Here are the games you can enjoy:

Game 1: How many can you spot…

Tally your points to give a total score depending on the number of each object you see. Great for times table practice as well as observation skills!

Game 2: The number plate game

How many words can you make from the letters in each of the number plates? There are over 500 combinations!

Game 3: This sign means…

Familiarise the kids with common road signs featured in the Highway Code. We’ve filled in a couple of letters to give you clues.

Game 4: The AA rescue game

Help the broken down car get back on its way by following the instructions on the game.

We hope you enjoy and our activity sheet provides lots of family fun on your car journeys. Remember to have a look at AA Cars wide selection of used vehicles to allow you to go on lots of family adventures.


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