Could you afford a Bond motor?

Our Favourite Bond Car

As the speculation around Bond 24 continues to grow, here at AA Cars we took time to consider our favourites. Over the course of the Bond franchise’s history, hundreds of cars have graced the screen, beautifully portraying Ian Fleming’s novels.

Here, our infographic shows our absolute favourites of all time, featuring everything from the now infamous Aston Martin DB5 to Chevrolet Bel Air. Take a look and let us know which one is your favourite.

Are Bond Cars Affordable?

Everyone has their favourite Bond car, but are they ever affordable for the majority of us?

Well, of course, an Aston Martin will never be cheap, but there are some listed on the AA Cars online used car platform. With the DB5 looking as though it may have met its end in Skyfall, we may be lucky to see one on the site again. But, if your heart is set on an Aston Martin, then you can pick a DB7 up for a respectable £16,995. A Vanquish, however, will set you back £199,995. Unfortunately, that might be a bit much for many of us

A BMW like the ones featured in Goldeneye or Tomorrow Never Dies is, however, much more affordable, with a BMW 750iL costing a more than respectable £9,500 and a Z3 starting at as little as £4,000, proving that you really can own your very own Bond car.

Sadly, you’re not going to find a fully-submersible Lotus Esprit like the one from The Spy who Love Me on AA Cars or anywhere else for that matter, but there is a 1988 example of this highly desirable car on offer for £11,500.  There’s also plenty of choice among the 37 Elan, Elise, Exige and Evora models on offer.  You could pick up a 1993 Lotus Elan for little more than £5k, making it extremely affordable.

And so to Bentleys, arguably the most desirable (and expensive) Bond cars available. AA Cars lists over 120 Bentleys ranging in price from £9,500 to £209,900 and in age from a 1953 ‘R’ type to a 2014 Mulsanne Mulliner with less than 700 miles on the clock, meaning that there’s something to suit every budget, and you won’t even have to win big at the casino like Bond in Casino Royale.

Some Bond cars like the Aston Martin DB5 may be unattainable for many of us, but it appears as though there really are some bargains out there. Your model may not have all the gadgets, but at least you can Live and Let Die in the knowledge that Bond drove one just like it!

Scan through the infographic and let us know your favourite in the comments.

(Stock mentioned was available on AA Cars as at 30 June 2014)

Complete History of James Bond Cars

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  1. ” … featuring everything from the now infamous Aston Martin DB5 … ”
    WHATEVER – are you on about? Hitler, Genghis Khan and Osama bin Laden are infamous;
    The DB5 is FAMOUS !

  2. Mark Hamilton on

    This is great fun – Bond cars are absolutely iconic and I wonder what’s going to appear in the next Bond movie which I think is called Bond 24 (or at least that’s the present working name). Cars play a really important part on the story line and for me, the DB5 has to be the all time favourite – what a car; hard to match that style and what could be more English? It made me weep seeing it destroyed in Skyfall – but doubless we’ll discover that it was a replica and it lives on… But a Z3 matches my pocket and I must say I’m tempted to get one as a summer fun car