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Cheaper Car Insurance? No Fuss. 

Philip Salter in City A.M. has unveiled a series of cunning plans on how to get cheaper car insurance.

  1. Knowledge is key. You can’t know more than the insurance firms so you need to shop around.
  2. Always challenge your current insurance provider when your policy is up for renewal.
  3. Be armed with accurate, up-to-date information about what is out there.
  4. If the premium is low, the excess will usually be high
  5. 20% of British drivers automatically renew their car insurance wasting a projected £2.9bn.
  6. Black boxes (aka telematics) are about to be inserted in cars. Instead of getting a price on age, post-code, gender, prices will be calculated on how drivers drive. launch text service have launched a new service which allows customers to obtain a car insurance quote in literally seconds. A brand new SMS text service offered by the price comparison website sends a text quote direct to the customer’s mobile phone, especially useful for those out and about and shopping for a car. To get the service, customers must have previously registered online – details required include car penalties, mobile phone number, age, sex and location etc.The service is £1 plus the standard network rate message.

Back seat drivers cause 20% of accidents

After a survey of 2,000 people, are claiming that one in five motorists has had to pay as much as £500 to repair damage after being distracted by a back seat driver. Unsurprisingly, husbands and boyfriends are the worst backseat drivers followed by parents. When it comes to job-type, the worst offenders are off-duty bus, train drivers and delivery men. Teachers are the most well-behaved.

Drink driving conviction pushes insurance 150%

Motorists convicted of drink driving could see their insurance premiums increased by as much at 150& according to The site found that a 30-year old with a DR10 could see protection soar from £472 to £1,175, or £703. Female motorists would see their premiums up 133%.

Ten Myths about Car Insurance has debunked some of the myths surrounding car insurance.

1. I can save money on my insurance by putting it in someone else’s name and being a named driver. No. This is called ‘fronting’. Insurers will now ask how many cars are in each house and who is the main driver. If you lie your insurance could be invalid.

2. I can claim for the full cost of any personal effects stolen if my car is broken into. No. Most insurance companies have an upper limit for the amount they will pay for items stolen from a car

3. I won’t have to pay an excess if an accident is not my fault or my car is stolen. No. An excess is the first part of any claim cost which the policyholder agrees to pay if they make a claim. If an accident is not your fault you may only get your excess back if your insurance company gets all of its money back from the third party or their insurer

4. If I take out comprehensive cover I automatically get ‘driving other cars’ cover. This is a benefit. Check. If you are involved in an accident in another car you could be liable for your own damage.

5. I won’t be able to get car insurance if I have a driving conviction. Some companies specialise in insuring high-risk motorists.

6. Charging a colleague petrol money for a lift to work might invalidate my insurance. As long as you are not making a profit it should be fine. Check your commuting clause, some policies have them. If you are going to appointments or making deliveries, that’s different, you will require extra cover.

7. If you make a claim for a smashed windscreen, you will lose some of your no claims bonus. If it’s only a smashed windscreen your no claims bonus should be fine. You may have to pay an excess.

8. My insurance policy is invalid if I do not have a valid MoT or Tax Disc. Depends on your insurer. Some might just stipulate that it must be roadworthy.

9. I can insure a vehicle with more than one insurer. No, though some companies might allow you to cover a vehicle temporarily that is insured under another policy during special circumstances.

10. I don’t need to tell my car insurer about convictions or claims that occurred while driving my motorbike/van/lorry. It is always the best to disclose all information to your insurer, no matter if you feel it might be irrelevant.


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