Honda named as ‘the coolest’ car

When Kwik-Fit experts fiddled around with the air con the average minimum interior temperature of Hondas plummeted to an icy 5C, a drop of over 10.3C.

This compares to an average 11.3C drop in the in-car temperature post-recharge service.

Before undergoing the recharge service, the average minimum temperature achieved by undercharged car air conditioning units was a decidedly non-cool 19.5C.

After a thorough service a chillier average of 8.2C was reached.

Kwik-Fit believes that, in order to work efficiently, air conditioning units should be recharged every two years.

This will allow those inside the car to stay cool, calm and collected and help the car to burn less fuel. This enables motorists to save at the pump and slash their carbon emissions too.

So confident is the company about its recharging service that it is promising to waive the £44.95 fee if it can’t reduce the temperature at the vent of an air-conditioning unit by at least ten per cent.


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