Environmental details revealed by Honda

The environmental plans of Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda have been revealed by company president Takeo Fukui.

Mr Fukui espoused the benefits of vehicles like the CR-Z sports hybrid and Global Hybrid, which the firm hopes to roll out within the next two years.

By 2010, the company would like to be selling 200,000 of the Global Hybrid and for one in ten of its cars sold to be environmentally-friendly.

He added that when the vehicle does go on sale in 2009, it will be at an "affordable price level" to motorists.

"Hybrid cars will account for ten per cent of Honda’s global car sales by 2010, further strengthening the company’s long-standing commitment to hybrid technology which began nine years ago with the launch of the ground-breaking Honda Insight," Honda stated.

The firm will be unveiling its car for the upcoming Formula 1 season on January 29th at its headquarters in Brackley.


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