Honda Civic drivers could benefit financially from new model

Used Honda Civic fans looking to pick up a cheap vehicle in the fleet could do so through a new five-door model that has been added to the line up.

Although the 1.4 DSI SE fails to match the speed of other vehicles from the Honda Civic range, "it still impresses with its refinement", according to Auto Express.

In terms of appearance the new Honda Civic benefits from a changed front, which means the inclusion of an updated front grille.

On the inside, the vehicle features the familiar "striking split dashboard" and the quality of the material used is "excellent", according to review writer Owen Mildenhall.

When it comes to driving on motorways, used Honda Civic drivers will still be able to get almost 50 miles per gallon from the 1.4-litre engine, alongside "responsive steering" and a "compliant ride".

Overall, Mr Mildenhall states the vehicle is "no hot hatch", but still "great fun".

The previous version of the Honda Civic, which may be owned by many used car drivers, was the eighth generation and reached the market in 2005.


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