Young male drivers ‘penalised’ by the insurance gender gap

New research from AA Insurance has revealed that young men can expect their first year’s car insurance premium to be twice that of their female counterparts.

The study also discovered that while premiums for newly qualified young male drivers have been rising steeply over recent years, for women they have been falling – the gap having widened into a 59 per cent chasm since 2003.

Simon Douglas, director of AA insurance, explained the figures by stressing that insurance premiums are based on claims experience.

He said: "The unfortunate facts are that men aged under-21 are ten times more likely to have an accident than men aged 35 or more but young women are only five times more likely to have an accident than women aged 35 or over.

But the expert also pointed out that premiums quickly fall for drivers who remain accident blame-free and don’t collect driving offences.

"After the first year, the premium falls by around 30 per cent and continues to fall over subsequent years provided their record is clean," Mr Douglas said.

Written by Trevor Coffee


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