Volkswagen Polo knows how to survive

The ability of the Volkswagen Polo to continually reinvent itself is one of the reasons why the vehicle has remained successful for 34 years, it has been stated.

Writing for the Daily Record, Bill Caven explains that the Polo "knows the art of survival" and has once again come up trumps with the latest offering.

According to Mr Caven, the new fifth-generation Polo is "sharper, lighter, safer and more cutting edge than before", while the overall height of the vehicle has been lowered to provide a "more purposeful stance".

A set of sleek light units boost the appeal from the front, while at the rear further new light clusters are present, Mr Caven states.

Meanwhile, drivers will benefit from an improved quality ride thanks to a longer wheelbase and this also helps to produce more interior room for passengers.

Furthermore, he highlights that Volkswagen has a knack for quality interior and fabrics and this is continued in the Polo with the inclusion of soft-touch plastics and "subtle aluminium highlights".

A road test of the Polo by Fifth Gear revealed that it is "still one of the classiest superminis".


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