Used Nissan Micra vehicles proving popular in north-east [MICRA]

The availability of incredibly cheap second hand cars such as a used Nissan Micra is helping one car dealer battle the recession, the North East Journal reports.

Benfield motor group has announced that Nissan sales have rocketed since the start of the year, following a challenging period late in 2008.

Nigel McMinn, managing director of the dealer, told the publication that sales are currently progressing at more than twice the rate they were last year.

He said: "We have sold twice as many new Nissans as we sold in January last year with 80 out of three dealerships last January and 180 this year."

Mr McMinn added that the reduction in the sales price of new cars to bring them closer to used vehicles is a key reason for this upsurge in sales.

In a review of the Nissan Micra by Top Gear it is stated that the vehicle is an "excellent little car", which rides well and "soaks up bumps like a much larger car".


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