Used Audi A4 fans told to view 2008 Germany results [A4]

Motorists considering buying a used Audi A4 may want to know about results in Germany, where the vehicle was the 2008 top-seller in the premium car category.

No other vehicle in the premium segment in Germany managed to sell more than the 98,714 sales achieved by the A4 last year, with diesel offerings proving the most sought after.

Furthermore, the Audi A4 was responsible for almost 40 per cent of the total sales from the manufacturer last year, while also significantly helping the brand surpass one million sales worldwide in a year for the first time.

Among the aspects that helped boost the likeability of the A4 was the availability of the S tronic dual-clutch transmission option.

The seven-speed S tronic transmission is new to the A4 range and helps the vehicle feel more sporty, while ensuring it is more fuel efficient than past offerings of the model.

According to Top Gear, the A4 is "brilliant" and a "supremely confident car".


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