The lady drivers who ‘refuse to wear glasses’

New research has discovered that 27 per cent of female drivers refuse to wear glasses behind the wheel for vanity reasons.

A survey by Sheila’s Wheels car insurance found that 14 per cent of women motorists feel more attractive without glasses and 12 per cent think they look ugly in them.

Over one in four (26 per cent) forget to keep a spare pair of glasses in the car and 15 per cent find wearing specs in the car uncomfortable.

Almost a quarter (23 per cent) said that their specs make them feel ‘unfashionable’.

But motoring organisations will be quick to point out that there is nothing fashionable about having a car crash because you can’t see what you’re doing on the road.

Kelly Plahay, a director of The Eyecare Trust, thinks that it is short-sighted of people who need glasses not to wear their spectacles when in charge of a vehicle.

She said: "With so many fashionable glasses, prescription sunglasses and different types of contact lenses on the market, there’s no excuse for having poor vision whilst driving."


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