Still a ‘hardcore’ of people willing to risk drink-driving

The director of policy and research at the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has warned that there is still a hardcore of Brits willing to risk having a drink before driving.

Neil Greig is heartened that the vast majority of people now see drink-driving as anti-social but is disappointed that the "chances of being caught are actually very low".

He said: "In Sweden, a driver has a one in four chance of being stopped for a drink-drive test every year; in England it is one in 26. In other countries there is a much higher concentration of getting out there and catching people."

Mr Greig believes that now could be a good time for Gordon Brown’s administration to consider aligning drink-driving laws with the rest of Europe.

At the very least the expert would like to see a clarification of the law on random breath testing and a correction of the many urban myths that still exist surrounding drink-driving laws.

Written by Harry Oakey


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