New road safety campaign challenges parents

Road safety organisation Think! has launched a new initiative in order to tell parents that children will copy their actions, not their words.

The CopyCat campaign has been designed to cut down on the number of deaths and serious injuries among infants.

Road safety minister Jim Fitzpatrick commented that a number of parents may have fallen into "bad habits" when it comes to educating their offspring.

He added that it was "important" that young people learn good practices on the road and that their parents were as good teachers as any.

"It’s no good teaching kids good road safety techniques if you don’t follow them. If parents are crossing the road when the red man is showing, or not using seatbelts, then their children will copy them," said the official.

Earlier this month, the minister commented that motorists need to be alert to the dangers of rural roads.

The highways are "deceiving" and can cause accidents, Mr Fitzpatrick added.


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