Insurance claims ‘invalid’ if a car isn’t roadworthy

An expert has warned that an insurance claim is invalid if the car you are claiming for wasn’t roadworthy when an accident occurred.

Mark Cornwall of Car Parts Direct also pointed out that motorists are wrong to assume they own a roadworthy vehicle just because they have been granted an MOT certificate.

Mr Cornwall said: This only shows the condition of the vehicle on the day it passes. If a suspension coil spring snaps on a speed bump the day after an MOT the car is no longer roadworthy.”

Car insurance companies check cars after they have been involved in accidents with engineers verifying whether vehicles were roadworthy before an accident occurred.

Insurance companies often refuse to pay out if the brakes, steering or suspension were defective at the time the accident took place.

Mr Cornwall acknowledged that it is sometimes difficult for a motorist to detect when their car isn’t roadworthy. For instance "a knocking noise when turning bends is normally a driveshaft".

Written by Stephen Perfect


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