Hummer introduces H3 to the world

Hummer, which is part of the Cadillac auto family, has announced that its brand is "going global" with the introduction of the H3.

The new model, which has been developed for markets around the world and is built in South Africa, adds "unique styling" to the marque’s distinctive shape as well as all new interior design, Hummer claims.

In a statement introducing the model, the manufacturer said: "In the beginning Hummer was a vehicle in a class of its own, with extreme style and capability, unmatched and untouched by the competition.

"The latest chapter in the story is the Hummer H3, designed in response to demand from global markets for a luxurious everyday driving vehicle, offering the legendary Hummer performance."

The H3 will be powered by a 3.7-litre, inline five-cylinder engine, delivering 244hp.

It is also the first Hummer model to offer a choice of manual or automatic transmission – a "smooth-shifting" five-speed manual system is available, offering "ultimate driver control".

Until recently, the popularity of the Hummer brand had mainly existed in America. In the first 11 months of 2006, however, 1,712 Hummers were sold in Europe, compared to 548 in 2005.


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