How two-wheels and four-wheels need to share

Motorists who have been hit by the rising fuel prices, traffic congestion and a desire to get fitter now that the weather is improving are increasingly looking to use cycles as well as their cars.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has issued reminders to drivers to be wary of the ‘wobblers’ and to take especial care when turning left.

They have also said that cyclists who appear to be ‘hogging’ a traffic lane may well be avoiding dangerous potholes or raised drain covers, so they won’t be able to move over to let cars pass.

Careless parking can also cause problems for cyclists. Even when leaving a stationary vehicle, look again in the mirrors to check for cyclists.

In a press release the IAM stated: "Remember too that some cyclists, particularly younger ones, have never driven a car, and so don’t recognise the problems that they can cause car drivers.

"In an accident involving a car and a cyclist, whoever is to blame the cyclist will always be the more vulnerable to a serious injury."

The IAM has collaborated with the National Cycling Strategy Board in order to raise awareness of the needs of both vehicle groups.


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