Good idea to reinvent used Volkswagen Golf [GOLF]

Despite the used Volkswagen Golf only being on the market since 2004, the manufacturer’s decision to make a newer model was a bright idea, it has been stated.

Writing for the Daily Mail, celebrity chef James Martin believes that the addition of a simpler rear suspension and general use of cheaper materials has been a success.

He remarked that "you’ve always got to please boy racers as well as pensioners with Golfs" and this is achieved.

The vehicle’s front end has been restyled with a sloping bonnet and angled headlights, while on the inside the bland plastics have been sent packing.

Mr Martin added that there is "aluminium and chrome everywhere" and the "switches are easier to reach".

Furthermore, he was impressed with the VW diesel engine, which allowed him to get 57 miles to the gallon, while "making it drive and sound like a petrol unit".

The Volkswagen Golf Hatchback "strikes a brilliant balance between comfort and control", according to a review of the vehicle by What Car?.


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