Fun and games help dealers sharpen their skills

Computer games are proving a popular way for car dealers to sharpen their selling skills.

Web design specialist Netro42 has clearly spotted a gap in the market for mixing business with pleasure – the company was commissioned to create a new and engaging way of educating staff for this year’s Land Rover Brand Challenge.

The end-product was a darts-based pub quiz where staff are challenged to answer sets of randomly-selected questions on technical and financial details of current Land Rover models.

The game has proved so successful that it is set to be rolled out to the Land Rover network this autumn.

Netro42’’s Tony Orsi said: "“We’re being approached more and more by dealer groups and manufacturers who want to create fun ways of engaging with staff and customers – they’re really embracing modern technologies, which can only be a good thing."

Used car dealer might consider investing in the Car Trumps game, in which the statistics of various models are rated against each other, with players choosing what they believe to be each model’s best attributes.

Written by Terry Hazel


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