Four million drivers ‘neglecting cars’

British car owners have been informed of the importance of looking after their vehicle, with 4.1 million, or one in eight, drivers reportedly failing to get their car serviced on a regular basis.

Some 761,000 people, or two per cent of motorists, never service their car, according to a poll by Kwik-Fit.

Eight per cent of the people who do not service their car regularly said they only get their vehicle checked when they feel it needs it and four per cent said they take their car in for a service when they can afford it.

David White, customer services director for Kwik-Fit, warned: "While MOTs check a car’s roadworthiness once a year, regular maintenance and servicing is just as important.

"Servicing helps to keep a car in good, safe running order and minimises the chances of developing problems that could be both costly and inconvenient to repair."

Over half of motorists who do not service their car regularly said the biggest reason that would motivate them to get their vehicle checked is to pass an MOT.

Most drivers appear to be organised with their car, however, with 40 per cent of car owners saying they follow the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals.


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