Extreme weather ‘flummoxes British drivers’

Motorists in the UK get nervous when travelling in extreme weather conditions, new research indicates.

According to Mercedes-Benz World, 76 per cent of drivers do not feel confident in all climate states.

Over half (58 per cent) of motorists are most uncomfortable in icy conditions, while fog (45 per cent) and snow (43 per cent) are also unpopular.

But Mercedes-Benz World managing director Peter O’Halloran commented that British conditions are not as bad as those dealt with by the Swedish, Russians and Canadians.

Mr O’Halloran stated that overseas, people often have a lot more experience in such scenarios.

He said: "We conducted the research to try to get a better understanding of the driving skills and conditions that many British motorists struggle with."

This comes as the Evening Gazette reports that the Met Office has issued severe weather warnings on Teesside.

Rain in the region is expected to be 25mm, it added.


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