Drivers using mobile phones ‘falls 40%’

The number of motorists caught using mobile phones behind the wheel has fallen by nearly half, according to new figures.

Statistics from the Department for Transport show that one per cent of drivers were found chatting or texting during an August survey, compared to 1.7 per cent 12 months earlier.

Road safety minister Jim Fitzpatrick commented that it is "vital" that all motorists opt against using their phones while on the road, adding that research shows that the act makes crashing four times more likely.

"Using any mobile phone when driving is distracting – it stops you giving the road your full attention and slows reaction times," said the official.

On Monday, officers from Tayside Police caught 15 motorists driving and using their mobile phones at the same time, reports the BBC.

The national news provider added that the crackdown commemorated four years since the introduction of the original law against the act.


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