Drivers to get romantic with registrations this month

The DVLA has informed the more romantic motorist that a range of Valentine’s Day-themed number plates will be available on its website from February 5th.

Over 10,000 different combinations of the K155 range will be available on the site, including K155 BLE for the slightly boastful driver and K155 XME for those who want to elicit a reaction for fellow road-users.

A range of registrations with the prefix M155 will also be available, including M155 EDU and M155 XME.

MY07 LUV, MY06 GAL and MY05 GUY will be on sale and could make a "perfect gift" between partners, according to the DVLA.

Louise Pierpoint, publicity manager for DVLA Personalised Registrations, said: "A lot of imagination goes in to choosing the perfect personalised registration for someone."

She added: "Buyers tend to have an understanding of what the individual likes, what they do and what their hobbies are and so this tends to form the basis of their decision."

Drivers interested in adding a bit of romance to their car can see the available number plates on the DVLA website from February 1st.


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