Drink-driving campaigns ‘should be all-year round not just at Christmas’

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (Iam) has commented that drink-driving campaigns should be conducted all-year round and not just at Christmas.

Iam welcomed the fact that 9,000 drink drivers were taken off UK roads during the festive season, thanks to a targeted enforcement campaign by the police.

Between December 2008 and January 2009, a total of 183,397 drivers were asked to complete a breath test – 25,000 more than during the same campaign in 2007.

Almost one in twenty (4.99 per cent) fail the test, with 5.62 per cent of under-25s testing positive.

Neil Greig, Iam director of research and policy, believes that there is a greater perception among young drivers that "they can get away with it".

Mr Greig wants more action to be taken to convince young drivers that they should only drive when sober.

He said: "We need more targeted enforcement all year round; safety is for life – not just for Christmas."

Written by Trevor Coffee


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