Cost of motoring rising ‘far more quickly than inflation’

New research from price comparison service has found that the cost of UK motoring is rising far more quickly than the rate of inflation.

In 1997, UK motorists were paying £1,344 a year to insure, tax, fuel and MOT their cars.

Fast forward to the present day and the average driver is now stumping up £2,395 a year – 78 per cent or £1,051 more.

If motoring costs had somehow been tied to inflation, UK motorists would only be paying £1,787 a year – £608 less than they currently are.

These figures show that it is little wonder that Brit motorists are turning to attractive used car offers in an effort to stay on the road.

Insurance has increased by 72 per cent since 1997, the cost of fuelling a car for a year has risen by 94 per cent and MOT fees have rocketed by 76 per cent.

To drive around Britain in 2017, you might have to pay as much as £3,659 a year if car inflation continues on its present course.


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