Clever sat nav catches thief

A delivery driver, who left his vehicle to get a delivery note signed,
returned to find that it had been stolen.

Luckily the portable satellite navigation unit had a tracking
capability, and so a Police helicopter managed to apprehend the
thief before he had been able to conceal his crime.

"Despite the vehicle being in a secure compound at a customer’s premises
with security staff on duty, the thief was able to make a clean
getaway," said Dedicated Courier’s managing director, Eric Whittaker.

"We got our vehicle back the same day and the police took a vehicle
thief off the streets."

This contrasts well with the findings that 19 per cent of drivers
operated the controls of their sat nav unit whilst moving, whereas only
17 per cent of motorists said that they tried to read a map whilst still

Tom-Tom also receives over 100 complaints per week about motorists
being sent on inappropriate routes to their destination.


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