Clarkson names his 25 favourite cars

Motor-mouthed TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson has named his 25 favourite cars in his latest column in the Times.

Some of the cars featuring in the list might be of more interest to your average used car dealer than others.

For instance, the Porsche Carrera GT is unlikely to appear on too many used car forecourts.

Not so the Mazda RX8, which is bizarrely described by Clarkson as "great value; ideal for the follically challenged".

In the ‘Call Me Daft But I Love Them’ part of the list are four cars. One of them is the Fiat Bravo 1.4 TJet 150 Sport. Clarkson warns that "it is not quite as good as a Golf, except for a couple of things."

Luckily those things are "the way it feels and the way it looks".

Perhaps the last word should go to the Mazda CX7 of which the Top Gear presenter says: "Since I believe you should live life and not spend half of it in church, preparing for death, I’d take the Mazda, warts and all, every time".

The celebrity has also prepared a list of his 25 least favourite cars; vehicles he is not shy of abusing in print.

Written by Keith Wing


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