Cider with Triumph

Now that the government has required petrol and diesel to contain 2.5
per cent plant-based biofuel, it appears that some unusual products may
be finding their way into our engines.

‘Project Fast Fruit’ was a competition to convert and run a high
performance vehicle on bioethanol using only basic equipment – and the
fuel used was windfall apples.

The winners of the competition used a Triumph Daytona 675 motorcycle to
achieve an astonishing track speed of 158.7 mph at Bruntingthorpe
Proving Ground, Leicestershire.

Rupert Paul of Bike magazine commented: "We believe that achieving a
speed of 158.7mph sets a record for a production bike on home-brewed

"Biofuel is a buzzword at the moment, with the government setting a
target for all petrol and diesel to contain a minimum five per cent
biofuel by 2010. Although they are still questionable from an
environmental point of view, biofuels are here to stay, and this
experiment was all about exploring how much power we could extract from
them – as well as having some fun."

The successful chemists, who produced the bioethanol mix, were A-level
project students from the Prince William School in Oundle,


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