Car thief with incriminating tattoo sentenced

A car thief’s decision to have a tattoo of his name and date of birth emblazoned on his neck has led to him being sentenced to 28 weeks in prison.

Illiterate Aaron Evans, 21, didn’t just steal a sat nav system from any old car in August of this year. The luckless father of one chose to break into a police surveillance car, fitted with a covert camera, in Bristol city centre.

Footage of the childishly scrawled tattoo (Evans, 19.9.87) led to his arrest and conviction, further justifying Bristol police’s decision to use a ‘honeypot’ car to take car thieves off the street.

Police kit out the cars with tempting bait such as mobile phones and handbags and wait for their prey to act.

The car theft crime rate has dropped by 20 per cent since the sting operation commenced a year ago.

Magistrates in Bristol heard that Evans committed the theft after having an argument with his father.

Magistrate Susan Snaddon, said: "These offences are so serious only a custodial sentence is appropriate."

Written by James Christie


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