Britain could see emergence of mass market for electrical cars

The Department for Transport has announced that it wants to create a mass market for electrical and hybrid cars in Britain.

The government aims to put Britain at the forefront of a global motoring revolution by speeding up the delivery of low carbon and electric vehicles for ordinary motorists.

Motoring experts from around the world gathered in Whitehall today to discuss how to implement the new green motoring initiatives, with transport secretary Geoff Hoon announcing a £100 million commitment to accelerate the emergence of greener vehicles.

"Electric cars and other low carbon vehicles like plug-in hybrids cut fuel costs and reduce harmful emissions," Mr Hoon said.

"If we can inspire more people to use them it will help us to make a positive impact on climate change."

The government has said that a green car industry in Britain could create up to 10,000 jobs and preserve many thousands more.

The transport secretary has invited car companies to bid for a £10 million scheme to run electric car and ultra-low carbon vehicle demonstration projects, which will be overseen by the Technology Strategy Board.

Written by Johnny Osbourne


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