Audi champions new traffic light technology

New technology which lets cars ‘talk’ to traffic lights, streamlining urban traffic flow and reducing CO2 emissions, is being championed by Audi.

The Travolution system is being developed with Audi support and could improve synchronisation and phasing of traffic light networks to reduce stopping times.

It might also dramatically reduce the number of actual stops needed by creating a communications link between cars and the traffic light network.

So how does it work? Communications modules planted in each traffic light are able to alert cars in the vicinity to the time remaining until their next green phase.

This enables cars’ onboard systems to calculate the speed which the driver must maintain in order to pass through the light during this green phase, and display this useful information via the multi media interface display.

A network of 46 of the ‘intelligent’ traffic lights has been installed in the centre of Ingolstadt, close to Audi HQ.

It is hoped that the trial will bring stopping times down to a minimum, reducing fuel consumption and pollution in the process.

Written by Shangri Larrson


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