Audi A4 buyers told to begin looking at 2005 model [A4]

Motorists debating over whether to buy a used Audi A4 cabriolet have been told that if their decision is affirmative then they should ensure they pick up a model made after March 2005.

Writing for the Times, Jason Dawe states that the A4 made after this time is fairly easy to spot thanks to the inclusion of a "different grille and sportier bumper".

Furthermore, the more updated A4 features a change of engine, with the older 2.5-litre V6 engine changed to a more prudent 2.0-litre or a 3.0-litre V6 diesel.

To support these engine developments, Audi also made some tweaks to the steering and suspension, which helped to provide an improved "surefooted" ride, according to Mr Dawe.

Other facts that Audi A4 buyers may wish to know is that leather upholstery is fitted except on the most basic offerings and the manual gearbox has a good shift quality, Mr Dawe reveals.

According to What Car?, the A4 Cabriolet is a "superbly crafted" car that has a "well constructed hood".

Also, it is highlighted that the vehicle is "quiet and civil" for one which is open-topped.


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