ABD: ‘We hope Manchester rejects road pricing’

The Association of British Drivers (ABD) has urged the people of Manchester to reject the idea of road pricing when the polling booths open for a referendum regarding the issue.

ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries labelled the concept of road pricing as "disgraceful" and pointed out that road-related taxes already add up to "£45 billion".

Mr Humphries said: "Road pricing is actually making life more difficult and expensive for people and it’s all driven by public transport companies who have something to gain by it. The whole concept of road pricing is desperately flawed."

The spokesman thinks that further road pricing will lead to drivers having to think long and hard about which roads they use and will do little to ease congestion.

He only believes that such a system would work from a government tax-raising point of view at places such as the Severn Bridge where no alternative routes exist.

A recent AA Populus poll found that 65 per cent AA Populus panel members would refuse to use high occupancy toll lanes.

Written by Jenny Foxton


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