Top 5 Ford cars through the years

Ford has been producing cars for over one hundred years now, from the Model T back in the early 20th Century to the latest Focus. During that time it has manufactured some of the most popular and stylish cars on our roads – here are five of the best.  

  • Fiesta

It’s no surprise the Ford Fiesta is the UK’s best-selling car of all time. Now into its seventh generation, the supermini has proven to be a reliable little hatchback for over four decades. With a wide range of trim levels available for each version, its popularity is also due to offering styles to suit many types of driver. From EcoBoost and Zetec models that make a great family car to the Fiesta ST for young and sporty drivers, it remains a versatile vehicle.  

  • Mustang

One of the manufacturer’s most iconic cars has to be the Ford Mustang. The first generation has that classic style (in red, of course), but it has retained its high levels of class and luxury all the way through to the modern day. Some may prefer the classic look, but updating the engine, suspension, aesthetics and more to remain at the top of the class when it comes to sports cars was necessary and hasn’t seen it slip.

  • Escort

Out of production since 2003, the Ford Escort was both a popular family car and excellent little racer. The Escort Mk 1 was one of the first great successes for the American car manufacturer in the international rally scene. It started with the Ford Escort Twin Cam which soon developed into the much loved RS1600 which went on to win many a race and kickstart other lines of RS Ford models. As a civilian, rear-wheel drive car it delivered a great performance too.

  • GT40

Arguably the greatest Ford race car of all time, the GT40 was produced in 1964 as Henry Ford II attempted to win a Le Mans title with one of their own cars. Using American racing V8 engines and European chassis components, it proved a success as the Ford GT40 won four Le Mans titles from 1966 to 1969. This initial race car remains the inspiration behind the modern Ford GT.

  • Focus RS

Just behind the Fiesta in terms of the UK’s most popular cars is the Ford Focus. A solid family car, it’s the Focus RS which is one of the brand’s best vehicles in recent years. An aggressive, sporty design with countless more style options make it a hit with young drivers especially. With the stats and engine to match its looks, the Ford Focus RS could well be a future classic car in the making.

What’s your favourite Ford vehicle from this bunch, or do you think we’ve missed off one of the best?

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