‘Tin Lizzie’ encased in glass

The Design Museum, clost to Tower Bridge in London, has an exterior glass display case which currently features a 1910 Model T Ford car, loaned by the Ford Heritage Collection – affectionately known as ‘Tin Lizzie’.

First built in Detroit from 1908, the 15,007,033rd final car was
assembled on 27 May 1927.

In the UK, the first car was assembled at Trafford Park on 23 October
1911, and more than 300,000 cars were built before production closed in
August 1927.

Chassis from the Model T were used to produce many first-world-war
vehicles, both for combat, and for more peaceable purposes such as

The assembly process for the Model T is also known for being the first
example of a production line within a factory.

The Model T will remain in the ‘tank’ until April 20th.


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