The 5 Greatest Fords Ever Made

Founded on the 16th of June 1903, the Ford Motoring Company has a rich and prestigious history. Very few car companies have a history as impressive as Ford’s, and even fewer can say that they have produced as many truly great cars. Ford, from humble beginnings, has become a universally recognised brand. Here we celebrate the greatest cars that have ever rolled off their production line (a process they invented let’s not forget!)

#5 Model T (1908-1927)

Model T (1908-1927)

It’s hard to believe that the Model T is now over 100 years old. Originally labelled by Henry Ford as “the universal car”, the Model T certainly captured the imagination of the public, selling 16.5 million units during its 19 year life. Of course, this is still monumental by modern standards, but in 1921 this meant that 57% of the world’s car production was made up by the Model T. For this reason, although you may not be safe on the roads in one today, you have to accept that the Model T is one of the most important cars ever built.

#4 Mustang (1964 to Present)

Mustang (1964 to Present)

The Mustang is far from being ‘just another American muscle car’. It was so popular that it affectively created the American muscle car scene. The Mustang debuted at the New York World Fair back in 1964, and it has been massively popular ever since. The styling of the Mustang was incredibly distinctive at the time of release, and this, married with its high performance levels, at an affordable price made it a huge hit with punters. It’s been a huge hit ever since too, and it is still in production today. There’s no doubting that the Mustang is one of the greatest and most iconic cars to ever be put into production.

#3 Fiesta (1976 to Present)

Fiesta (1976 to Present)

For many car enthusiasts, the Ford Fiesta is seen as a landmark vehicle. This is because the Fiesta marked Ford’s transition into ‘modern’ front wheel drive cars. Nowadays, we take features such as compact packaging and safe handling for granted, but in many ways the Fiesta saw the birth and evolution of these features. Now, in 2014, the Fiesta as a supermini is still going strong and still pushing these boundaries. As well as this, it appears as though the success of the Fiesta knows no bounds, as it was Britain’s most popular new car in 1990, 1991, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

#2 RS200 (1984-1986)

RS200 (1984-1986)

The RS200 is arguably Ford’s greatest foray into the world of rallying. Sadly, the RS200 only ever competed in Group B rallying for one year, as the car was crashed on a couple of separate, tragic occasions. On one truly horrific occasion at the Rally De Portugal, a Ford RS200 crashed into the spectators, killing three and injuring many others. As a result, Group B racing was banned in 1986.

As part of Group B racing regulations at the time of competition, however, stated that 200 road cars had to be produced alongside the rally versions. These hyper rare (and now highly collectable) vehicles boasted jaw dropping grip and incredible handling. It may not have seen too much success on the track, but on the road it was a force to be reckoned with, and it’s more popular now than ever before.

#1 Focus (1998 to Present)

Focus (1998 to Present)

What list of great Fords would be complete without a Focus? If you need a family hatchback, then it’s likely that almost every motoring journalist in the country would recommend the Focus. The Focus provides all the solidarity of a Golf with the driving entertainment of a BMW with all the refinement of a Mercedes. For a family car, it simply doesn’t get better than that. Put simply, the Focus is Ford’s greatest all-rounder.

That concludes our list of the five greatest Fords. Do you agree? Or what cars do you think we’ve missed?



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