Ford uses Mondeo to highlight ESC

Ford has launched a new campaign aimed at encouraging motorists to choose a car with Electronic Stability Control (ESC), which is a system designed to prevent skidding and improve safety in emergency situations.

The company used its Mondeo model to help demonstrate the benefits of ESC at a recent motoring event in Northamptonshire, displaying how the technology works and the safety element it provides.

ESC is now a standard feature in all vehicles in the Mondeo range, in addition to the Galaxy and S-MAX collections.

Stuart Southgate, director of the automotive safety office for Ford of Europe, explained: "ESC can play an important role in the safety of passenger cars and commercial vehicles and we are increasing the availability of ESC across the Ford range."

The system uses a combination of anti-lock braking and traction control to enable the vehicle to retain its position in an emergency.


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