Ford Mondeo offers drivers additional scrappage savings

Motorists considering buying a Ford Mondeo under the government scrapping scheme have been told that additional savings can also be made on the model.

The Sun has indicated that many manufacturers are offering additional savings on certain models to be used alongside the £2,000 discount for scrapping in their ten-year-old second hand models.

It is reported that Ford has set up a ‘Scrappage Plus’ incentive, which offers discounts on many vehicles in its range.

Among the cars on offer at a further reduced price from the UK’s top-selling car maker is the Mondeo, with potential buyers able to save an extra £2,500 off the cost of a new model.

Meanwhile, other manufacturers are also offering their own incentives with Nissan allowing motorists to scrap in their eight-year-old used cars as long as they buy a British-built car such as the Nissan Micra.

The Ford Mondeo won the ‘Best Family Car’ and ‘Best Estate Car’ accolades at the 2009 What Car? Car of the Year awards.


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