Comfort and space of a used Ford Mondeo bettered by latest model

Used Ford Mondeo drivers will be accustomed to a vehicle offering high levels of comfort and space, but these attributes have been taken a step further in the latest offering from the range, according to a review.

Writing for the Telegraph, Paul Hudson states that it is "refreshing" to witness the Ford Mondeo 2.2 TDCi Estate because it is different to the other estates on the market.

He argues that the standard leather and Alcantra seats are highly "comfortable", while being an ideal goods transporter.

With the seats up, the vehicle holds 542 litres and this extends to 1,733 with the seats dropped.

There is also the added benefit of a "rubber mat with a lip" that can be used to store muddy equipment and can be wiped clean.

Furthermore, "the steering is meaty and direct", while the ride is equally "unflustered".

Also, in January’s What Car? awards the Mondeo was crowned as the Best Estate and Best Family Car.

According to a review of the Mondeo by Top Gear, the vehicle is "composed in the corners and very sparing with the body roll".


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