Ford remains ‘a company that counts’

Ford has been named the top company in its sector in the 2007 Business in the Community ‘companies that count’ survey.

According to the automaker, this result confirms it as "the most responsible corporate citizen among automotive firms in Britain".

In two of the survey sections – environmental and marketplace management – Ford scored 100 per cent.

Questions in the segments pertained to such issues as the company’s green targets, how these are communicated to employees and how their progress and achievement is monitored.

Ford claims that it is currently one of the most environmentally responsible car manufacturers, with one of the broadest low-CO2 vehicle ranges and research being carried out on ecologically-friendly vehicle technologies.

Andy Taylor, the manufacturer’s European corporate citizenship director, said: "Ford is very aware of the impact it has both as Britain’s best selling car and commercial vehicle manufacturer and as a major employer with well-established UK research and manufacturing sites.

"This success as a ‘company that counts’ in Britain confirms Ford’s commitment to act responsibly."

Among the initiatives that Ford is currently researching are next generation petrol and diesel engines, alternative fuel vehicles and electric hybrid options.


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