Ford pilots personalisation scheme

Ford has launched a scheme across Europe this month allowing buyers of its cars to personalise their choices more than ever before.

The Ford Individual programme is being piloted in Germany and Switzerland, with a view to expanding it should it prove successful, and offers customers three themes they can apply to their car.

Ford’s ST range of performance cars was kept in mind for the sport line, which offers features such as distinctive alloy wheels and pedals, spoilers and scuff plates.

Customers interested in technical features can take advantage of the hitec range, offering applications such as premium audio systems and rear view cameras, while those looking for comfort will be more interested in the luxury line, which incorporates high-quality leather and wood elements.

Bernhard Mattes, vice-president of Ford’s customer service division, said: "Ford is responding to a growing trend in the marketplace.

"Buying a new car is a major purchase and people want to make the most of it by specifying their cars in ways that suit them best."

Mr Mattes said that the individualisation process will be improved in 2007, with a greater selection of features offered to customers and more opportunity for buyers to tailor their cars through dealerships.


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