Ford Mustang 2005 ‘hottest US car in the UK’

The 2005 Ford Mustang is the hottest new US automobile on the UK market at the moment, according to an import specialist.

USAutomotive, which provides components for cars from across the Atlantic, has stated that the big-seller can be made even better.

Motorists can pick up Steeda 4.6-litre underdrive pulleys to gain eight to ten extra hp as well as improved fuel consumption and reduced drag from the engine.

Those looking to spruce up the car’s body styling can pick up the Gen 1 package from Street Scene, which the firm has stated "transforms" the model.

"[The 2005 Mustang is] a model that is ripe for modification and USAutomotive, this country’s premier supplier of aftermarket components for American cars, has many items available to enhance both the performance and the looks," said the company.

Ford rolled the first Mustang off the production line in 1964.


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