Ford Fiesta helps manufacturer to CO2 reduction

The strong fuel economy of smaller vehicles in the Ford fleet such as the Ford Fiesta has helped the manufacturer make big improvements in the amount of CO2 it generates, new figures reveal.

Data from has discovered that Ford is the biggest improver in terms of the sum in tonnes of CO2 generated.

The figures look at the average levels of CO2 created by a vehicle in the first quarter of 2009, with Ford as a manufacturer progressing to 143.96g/km of carbon dioxide.

This is an improvement from an average of 153.62g/km in the first quarter last year, with the Fiesta decreasing its CO2 emissions by 7.82 per cent to 130.27g/km of carbon dioxide.

Jay Nagley, publisher of, said: "New car carbon dioxide emissions are falling at an unprecedented rate.

"Until last year, CO2 output had been falling at less than two per cent per year."

Overall, the figures show that the average new car now generates 4.5 per cent less CO2 than it did at the same point last year.

The Ford Fiesta also recently picked up the ‘Car of the Year’ accolade at the What Diesel magazine awards night.


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