Ford announces the Kuga

The next addition to Ford’s European range is to include a new vehicle called the Kuga, it was announced today.

Set to be unveiled in September and on the market as of next spring, the Kuga has been designed to combine off-road capabilities with on-road styling, the manufacturer said.

The company’s European Design Team explained its use of "kinetic" techniques in the development of the model.

"Kuga will stand out from the crowd by offering the visual excitement of ‘kinetic design’ and the on-road driving quality that customers of cars like the Ford Focus, the S-Max and the new Mondeo have come to expect from us," remarked Martin Smith, Ford Europe’s executive design director.

In addition, the model is intended to continue the commitment made by the manufacturer to add desirability and emotion to its range, according to Ford Europe’s president and chief executive officer.

Ford is the maker of one of the UK’s most widely-loved cars – the Fiesta – which is often considered to be a suitable car for a new or young driver.


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