Ford Focus motorist highlights drink-driving differences

A Ford Focus driver has highlighted the impact that a person’s body frame can have on whether they are over the drink-drive limit or not.

Jacqueline Atkinson was recently convicted of drinking and driving after being tested by police an hour after she consumed just one glass of wine during a business lunch.

However, she was told by a police nurse that her slim figure could have been partly to blame for the incident, as if she weighed a stone more she would have been likely to pass the breathalyser test.

Outside court, where she was banned for 12 months and fined £475, she said: "The glass didn’t seem to be to be particularly large because I have large goblets at home.

"I was distracted doing my paper work and after ordering one glass of wine I never imagined that I would be over the limit. Otherwise I would never have gone near the car."

Other factors which may impact upon a person’s tolerance to alcohol include age, a person’s stress levels or the speed of their metabolism.


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