Fast lane beckons for Ford Focus RS drivers

Motorists believing that a car capable of high speeds is out of their price range may have been proved wrong by the Ford Focus RS, it has been stated.

The Coventry Telegraph has stated that the Focus RS could be ideal for those on a tight budget "dreaming of life in the fast lane".

A 2.5-litre turbo-charged Duratec RS engine is one of the reasons for the car’s rapid acceleration, with 62 miles per hour able to be reached from still in 5.9 seconds.

Furthermore, for a performance car the vehicle is efficient in terms of its fuel consumption, with a driver able to complete 30 miles per gallon of fuel.

RS motorists will also benefit from a fuel tank holding an extra seven litres to help them carry enough fuel to complete a drive of a healthy length.

The review of the RS concluded by stating that Ford has done what was considered by most to be "impossible".

This is creating a front-wheel drive vehicle that can be used everyday and is quicker than some all-wheel drive performance vehicles.

Lars Frick, automotive engineer for Ford tyres at Continental, stated in the past that his company’s tyres are best suited to the Ford Focus RS.


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