Ford’s German workers go all psychedelic

Ford has revealed that love is the reason why its Cologne plant has been completely transformed with a bright, dazzling coat of multi-colour paintwork.

An unremarkable grey industrial building now resembles something from a psychedelic Teletubbies dream and has become adorned with huge bursts of red, green, pink, blue and yellow swirls.

According to Ford the garish makeover has "astonished and delighted site workers and residents alike".

Karl Anton, Cologne plant manager, said: "We know many people have been speculating on the purpose of the eye-catching makeover, and now we’re finally able to clear up the mystery."

He rather unconvincingly added: "Our workers have become so smitten with the all-new Ford Fiesta due to be released in October that we have decided to re-christen the plant the Fiesta Love Factory and decorate it in celebration.

"We hope people will fall in love with the new Fiesta as much as we have!"

This collective outbreak of German madness is likely to spread across Europe soon when consumers realise that the all-new Fiesta is approximately 40 kg lighter than the previous model, contributing to improved fuel economy and CO2 emissions.


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